Teamsters Local 237

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor

Custodian Worker 1
Town of Brentwood
Long Island Division

Mr. Taylor has been a member of Local 237 for three years. Prior to working for the Brentwood School District, he owned a fence company and plowed snow for the Town of Brentwood as a contractor. He appreciates union job security and benefits that allow him to take care of his family. 

In prior jobs he did not have paid vacation and sick leave.   He likes to help out with union activities – most recently he helped with the annual barbecue for Town of Brentwood employees A lifelong Brentwood resident, Mr. Taylor has a 15 year old son and a 16 year old nephew – both of whom live with him.  All of his extra time revolves around his “boys” who both compete on Brentwood High School sports teams.

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