May 2, 1952 Charter of Teamsters Local 237, 900+ union members.
1952-1960 Henry Feinstein, 1st President.
1960 William Lewis becomes 2nd President.
1964 Welfare Fund established ($15 optical benefit).
1967 William Lewis dies; Barry Feinstein becomes 3rd President.
Winter 1967 Housing Authority workers strike!
Sept. 1, 1967 Taylor Law enacted, prohibiting strikes by public employees.
1967 Bridge operators choose Local 237.
1967 Long Island Division established; contracts signed in Brentwood, Babylon.
1968 IBT 237-DC 37 Mutual Assistance Pact established, ensuring respect for each other's bargaining relationship with the City (no "raiding").
June 7, 1971 The day the bridges went up! Citywide traffic at a standstill! Job action taken to compel state legislators to act on pension agreement collectively bargained with city.
1971 Welfare Fund expanded to include dental, prescription, and disability benefits.
1971 School Safety Officers join Local 237.
1973 Civil Service Bar Association affiliates with Local 237.
1973 Efforts begin to win permanent pension COLA for city retirees.
1974 Housing Authority members ratify 3-step pay plan.
1975 Union establishes Legal Services Plan.
1979 Union establishes Training and Education Fund.
1980 Union establishes Retiree Division.
1993 Carroll E. Haynes becomes 4th President.
1994 First 4-day intensive Shop Steward Training Conference.
1995 First Women's Conference
1999 Carl Haynes wins election for full 5-year term.
2000 Permanent pension COLA signed into law for retired members along with many other pension enhancements for working members.
2001 City Council, at Local 237's request, passes a law mandating that Health & Hospitals Corporation hire only peace officers to provide security in municipal hospitals, thus stopping privatization efforts "dead in their tracks."
2002 Court rules against City challenges to HHC peace officer requirement, again stopping the City from privatizing union jobs.
May 2, 2002 50th Anniversary of Teamsters Local 237! 24,000 members strong.
Nov. 2004 Haynes re-elected President.
March 2007 Gregory Floyd becomes President.