Local 237 recently hosted a safety training session at Ravenswood Houses— the first among several— to provide valuable tips from security experts, on how workers can help ensure their safety in the workplace.  Local 237 President, Gregory Floyd, in his welcoming remarks, told the members how this session came about and encouraged them to follow the recommendations they were going to hear from the professionals in the field.  

As Floyd noted: “You are here  today  to  talk  about ways  that  you  can  protect  yourself  and  feel safe on  the  job.  One  year  ago, we  weren’t  so sure  we  would  get  this  day. As  many  of  you may  know, our  union  was  opposed  to the Flex  Ops  program  as originally  designed. We felt that  our  members were  not  well  protected. We  were  especially  concerned about  your safety  working on  those  shifts. We  took  our concerns to  Court.  The  judge  agreed and the program  was  halted. Our  concerns  had  to be  addressed  first.  Next,  we  sat  down  with the housing  authority  to suggest  ways  Flex Ops could  work  better  for  you. We  said: Here’ s  what’s  important. Make it voluntary and give monetary incentives. But that’s  not all. We told  them  that  our biggest concern was your safety. That had  to  be  ensured. NYCHA agreed. So we hired security experts, McLean Security,  to  analyze  safety  problems and  make  recommendations on  how  to  solve them.  We  said  those  safety  issues  had to  be addressed  by NYCHA  before the  program kicked  in.  We  also  advocated  for  monitoring those safety measures on  a regular  basis  to make  sure we  were  achieving  our  goals. The other  thing  we  said was  that  a  safety brochure  had  to  be  created  that  clearly  outlines  ways  you can  help  yourself  be  safe. That was done. Here it  is.   But that’s  not  all. We  wanted  you  to  hear  from these  experts yourself and get  those  safety  tips in  person. We  care  about  you. We know  you  take  pride  in your work, but  that can  only  happen  when  you  feel  good  about your  workplace. In fact, that’s when  you’re even  more productive. So  for  the  union, for the  housing  authority, and  for  our  members, today  is  a  win win, win!”