Teamsters Local 237

Welfare Benefit Fund FAQs – Active Members

Who in my family is eligible for dental and/or optical coverage?
Members, their spouses, domestic partners and their children up to age 26 are eligible under the Local 237 Welfare Fund for dental and optical benefits. After verification by the Welfare Fund office of the member's name, address, dependent's eligibility and Active Status, an optical voucher can be mailed if requested. Members receive a card from Healthplex once eligible.

Members who become "Inactive" because they quit their jobs, go on leave, etc., are given the option of extending their Welfare Fund coverage for up to 18 months. In order to maintain their eligibility they are required to pay a monthly premium to the Welfare Fund.

What documentation does the Welfare Fund need in order to provide coverage for my dependents?
The Fund's rules require that proper documentation be on record before enrollment of eligible dependents can be completed. The documentation required is in the form of a marriage license, birth certificate or domestic partner registration certificate. This procedure allows the Fund to provide coverage for all of our members' dependents.

Why doesn't the Welfare Fund provide information on my medical coverage?
Medical coverage is provided by the employer, The City of New York and not by the Welfare Fund. Members should call the Office of Labor Relations (OLR) for health plan information and questions. OLR (212) 306-7200

Can I get a second drug card for my spouse to carry?
Single members are issued one card. Married members or members with dependents are issued two cards. Additional cards may be requested if lost or stolen. The request must be in writing.

I’m having a problem with my dentist. What can I do?
If the problem is with a "participating dentist," the member should call HEALTHPLEX, the fund's dental administrator, at (800) 468-0600.

How does a member file for disability coverage and what is the length of coverage?
The Group Disability Form must be completed by the member, his or her doctor and the employer, and mailed to the Fund office within 30 days of the start of the disability. Benefits are payable up to $250 per week for up to 52 weeks within a 104 week period with continuous certification from the medical doctor of the member's inability to work.

When a member retires, does he or she have to come to the Fund office to enroll, and how long will it take for Retirees to receive benefits?
The best and fastest way for a retiree to enroll for eligible benefits under the retiree is Plan is for the Retiree to bring, mail or fax a copy of their first pension check and a copy of their Health Benefits Application to the Fund Office.

The Retirees’ former Department or Agency will add his or her name to a retiree eligibility list which they will transmit to the Fund office. This prompts us to send out a Retirees Welfare Fund package which include an enrollment card. As soon as the Retiree's name appears on the eligibility listing (receives first pension check) and we receive the completed enrollment card, the retiree will be able to start receiving benefits directly.

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