Teamsters Local 237

Dept. of Education Food Services Complaint

Local 237 has filed a complaint with the Public Employment Relations Board to get Supervisors and Managers of School Lunch, Chief, Associate and School Food Service Managers, and Education Facilities Officers working at the City Dept. of Education the raises that they are entitled to.

Local 237 filed the Improper Practice Charge because the members working in those titles have not been given raises as a result of the Department's failure to sign off on successor unit agreements. President Floyd told the Chief Leader, “These employees have been owed raises since last May. Last year, the DOE told us it would take two weeks to close the agreements, but ‘two weeks’ should not take almost a year.”

  pdf Read the Chief Leader article (1.15 MB)

  pdf Download the Improper Practice Charge (5.70 MB)

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