Several years ago, the Lawrence School District fired Local 237-represented Security Aides and subcontracted their jobs to a private non-union company.  The District’s actions were unilateral and illegal.  Local 237 vowed to get the jobs back and never gave up.

Local 237 President Gregory Floyd said, “Privatizing public school services is bad for students and workers.  Workers deserve decent pay and benefits.  And students deserve a caring, well-trained security staff who are a part of the school community.” 

When the layoff was announced, Local 237 lawyers immediately filed a charge with the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), but lost the case.  Local 237 Long Island Division Director Ben Carenza said, “the PERB decision was wrong and we filed an appeal.  I’m happy to report that we won our appeal.  Not only will our members get their jobs back, the District must pay them for their lost wages and benefits with interest.” pdf Read the decision. (813 KB)

The Lawrence Union Free District, located in Nassau County just across from the Queens border, has imposed steep budget cuts over the last decade.  But taxpayers have paid the price with fewer and lower quality services.  The PERB decision will help to improve the Lawrence Schools for all of those who attend and work there.