Local 237's Education and Training Department has received numerous calls from members who were disqualified for civil service promotions by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). Unfortunately, DCAS has denied candidates’ appeals because they failed to provide important information on their exam applications as follows:

  • Candidate provided incomplete information on an application. Such errors cannot be corrected once the application period has ended.
  • Candidate did not provide thorough information about work experiences on the Education and Experience portion of the application.
  • Candidate did not meet the qualification requirements that are stated in the application. You are responsible for determining whether you meet qualification requirements prior to taking the exam. The test may be given before DCAS validates your qualifications.

Before you apply for a civil service exam, make sure to contact Local 237’s Education and Training Department at 212-807-0550 to sign up for the Civil Service Exam Prep workshop where we will guide you on how to properly complete your DCAS application.