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Pres. Floyd Joins Gov. Cuomo, Labor Leaders at LaGuardia Ground Breaking

On August 8th, Local 237 President Gregory Floyd helped break ground on the new Delta terminal at LaGuardia Airport.  The ceremony marked the second phase of the airport’s reconstruction.  Once complete, it will be the first new airport in the US in more than 20 years.  

The $4 billion public-private project will create and maintain tens of thousands of good-paying union jobs and is a significant step in restoring New York City’s crumbling infrastructure.

From left: Christopher Erikson, Business Agent, Local 3; Gary LaBarbera, President, Building and Construction Trade Council; Shirley Aldebol, Vice President, SEUI 32 BJ; Mario Cliento, President, NYS AFL-CIO; John Skinner, President, Ironworkers; Governor Andrew Cuomo and Gregory Floyd, President, Teamsters Local 237 and Vice President-at-Large on the General Board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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Oral History Project

Hercules Cornish: Caretaker J Stores Man

Herclules CornishHercules Cornish went to work for the Housing Authority as a caretaker J in 1952 and retired 24 years later as a stores worker. He died the year following this interview, which was conducted in June 1999.

Originally I was from Harlem, but when I came out of the service in 1945 my wife had moved to the Bronx, so I moved there, too. I went to work for the New York City Housing Authority in 1952.

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