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IP charge March 2017

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Exterminators Meeting Popular

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City to ax scanners at some schools Popular

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Hoffa to Members: A New Day for our Great Union. Popular

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Audit - NYCHA Missed Millions Popular

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NYCHA Chair ltr Aug. 2014 Popular

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Analyzing New York City’s Pension Funds Popular

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Response to NYT Pension Article Popular

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Shelter Costs at Record Amounts, and Likely to Rise Popular

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WARNING: Vultures Eyeing NYCHA Popular

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Judge: Mangano can't slash employee benefits Popular

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City Hires Ex-MF Global Chief Popular

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Gov.-Elect Cuomo Appoints George Miranda, Greg Floyd To Transition Committees Popular

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How About a Partnership Stimulus? Popular

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City Hall News: NYC's 12 Most Effective Labor Leaders Popular

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Daily News - Labor's Tough Customers Popular

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Ways to reach the zone of hope – and stay there Popular

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MLC defends City Workers Popular

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New York Next, Looking Ahead to 2013 Popular

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City Hall News: 13 Leaders Already Shaping 2013 Popular

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Oral History Project

Hercules Cornish: Caretaker J Stores Man

Herclules CornishHercules Cornish went to work for the Housing Authority as a caretaker J in 1952 and retired 24 years later as a stores worker. He died the year following this interview, which was conducted in June 1999.

Originally I was from Harlem, but when I came out of the service in 1945 my wife had moved to the Bronx, so I moved there, too. I went to work for the New York City Housing Authority in 1952.

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