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Local 237 Endorses Thompson for Mayor


I stand here today with so many of our members, at the headquarters of our union, Teamsters Local 237, to proudly announce our endorsement of Bill Thompson for Mayor.

The reasons for this endorsement are many. I have long admired the work of Bill Thompson. In everything he does, he shows level-headedness, and an even keel to his judgment.

Watching him, I always get the impression that there's real commitment behind his policies and that they are not just the result of the latest polls.

He doesn't speak in bumper sticker or sound-bite phrases. He's a man of substance who often appears to be the only adult in the room!

Did you see any of those mayoral forums? Then you'll know what I mean.

In fact, Local 237 sponsored a mayoral forum and afterwards, so many of my members commented that Bill Thompson seemed to have the best understanding of the issues. Even more important to me, Bill had the best understanding of what matters to our members.

Bill gets it! He understands that among our members are NYCHA workers and residents, they are school safety agents and they are city hospital police.

We are city employees.

We work to make this city work. But somehow, we've become the symbol of greed that bloats the city budget.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are just hard working, tax-paying New Yorkers who want a fair contract and a little dignity at the end of the day.

Yes, Bill gets it. And that's why he gets our support!

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