Welcome to the official website for Teamsters Local 237, a union of 24,000 New York City employees who work in government agencies and several municipalities on Long Island.


Teamsters Local 237 is a union of 24,000 New York public employees who work in New York City government agencies and in municipalities, libraries and schools on Long Island.  Local 237 is the largest local union in the Teamsters international union (International Brotherhood of Teamsters).

Our membership reflects the diversity of New York City. About 7,400 of us work for the New York City Housing Authority, another 11,000 members work in New York City agencies, the Health and Hospitals Corporation, Jacob Javits Center and the City University of New York, and some 3,000 members work on Long Island. We also represent over 7,100 retirees across the country and overseas.

White collar, blue-collar, peace officers, technicians and professionals -- we are the lifeblood of the community. We are also an integral part of New York, because it is here that we live, raise our families and pay taxes.

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The Executive Board

The seven members on the Local's Executive Board, including the president, are elected and serve 5-year terms.

Teamsters Local 237 Executive Board

  • Gregory Floyd, President

  • Ruben Torres, Vice President

  • Edmund Kane, Secretary-Treasurer

  • Patricia Stryker, Recording Secretary

  • Curtis Scott, Trustee

  • Jeanette Taveras, Trustee

  • Ben Carenza, Trustee


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Local 237 of the Teamsters emerged in 1952 following a split between the leaders of District Council 37 -- a public employees union that represents 125,000 New York City workers.

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Local 237's Oral History Project.

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